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In 1955 a group of industrialists related to the paper industry decided to found Sein & Cia S.A.I.C and two years later the first roll of paper was obtained.

The beginning was not easy at all in those days only two types of paper were produced, an ordinary one called “estraza” and a more refined one called “estracilla”. The first machinery included mills, Dutch sinks, Jonsson screens and a limited production, which hardly ever exceed ten tones a day.

But the passion and strength of those founders passed on to younger generations formed by qualified professionals who gradually improved the products and accompanied by a substantial growth in production led to the setting up of a second paper machine.

Thence the pulper took the place of the mills and the dutch sinks were replaced by the refiners.

New technology was included to the process on order to satisfy the request of the customers, whose number was growing day after day.

Taking care of the environment has always been our priority. This is the reason why we prefer using wastepaper and we are also deeply concerned about the correct use of our water and its subsequent treatment so as to become a well-treated effluent.
We have always used anything but secondary cellulose fibres which in our process the are divided into tiny particles, washed and rubbed to get rid of any dirt and roughness that could be found in the and then put together again, dried, with a physical and termal processing to obtain paper.

We are environmental-friendly since in our processing we avoid the devastation of 20.000 trees per year. We also support the real and effective care of the environment preserving the quality of the residual water and minimizing the use of new water.

Last we bet on the human development with training and instruction and implementing up-dated technology and eliminating obsolete equipment.

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